Do you know how to hang curtains the right way?

Learning how to hang curtains the right way can be a little tricky. There are lots of opinions out there about how to hang curtains, and if you’re not sure which way is best for you, then hopefully this article will help.

Tip #1

One of the main tips for hanging curtains that many people have is to start off by setting the hooks in the center of the curtain track. Then, choose a good length before you take the steps of adjusting the rods.

Ideally, your curtains should reach to the floor, but I wouldn’t worry about it if they don’t. Just make sure they are at least three inches from the floor when you are finished!

Tip #2

Another tip for hanging curtains is to make sure you have the correct  hardware for your windows. It’s easy to get carried away and not think about how the hardware fits or what it will look like when it’s installed. This is a big rookie mistake, and it can end up ruining your curtains if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Tip #3

You need to get a curtain rod that is long enough to hang your curtains from the ceiling. This is a really important step! If your rod is too short, the curtains won’t reach the floor, and if they are too long, they’ll be pulled down to nothing. Choose a rod that is long enough so that your curtains hang straight and are the correct length for the window.

If you try to hang a full-length curtain rod without first taking the measurement of the window, you may find that it is too short. If this is the case, then you need to make the necessary adjustments so that you can use a curtain rod that will fit the window perfectly. If you are not sure what kind of curtain rod will work best, ask someone who is an expert at home improvement or one of the store clerks at your local department store. They will be able to tell you which curtain rods will work best for your situation.

Final Words

When hanging curtains, it is important to know how to handle them properly. If they are too long for your window or curtain rod it will not hang straight. If they sag under the weight of the curtain, then it won’t hang straight either.

If you do not know how to handle curtains properly it can cost you a lot of headaches later on down the road. Not knowing how to hang curtains can result in ripped, crooked, or even missing curtains. It is vital that you learn how to hang curtains correctly if you want to keep them for many years to come.

Now that you understand how to hang curtains like a pro, you need to get yourself some custom drapes!…